Our Services

Custom Workout Plans

We create new workout plans every 6 weeks for all of our online clients to ensure continued progress. This will give you enough time to see optimal results from each plan, but will keep your body from hitting a plateau from doing the same thing for too long. Each client’s workout is created specifically for that individual, and is based on current fitness level, workout experience, and fitness goals.

Video Demonstrations

Each exercise includes a video demonstration, with detailed written instructions. This will give you the confidence that you are performing your exercises with correct technique, form, and range of motion, while minimizing risk for injury. 

Body Stat Tracking

Track and save body measurements, body fat %, and weight to ensure that progress and results are being achieved over time. Upload before and after photos to see the visual changes that have taken place throughout your fitness journey.

Personalized Nutrition Guide

The two most important factors in either losing body fat, or gaining muscle, are total calories per day, and macronutrient (fats, carbs, protein) percentage. These numbers are based on fitness goals, height, weight, activity level, sex, and age. You will know your exact target numbers, and be given a complete healthy food list to choose from.

Online Coaching

An open line of communication with your trainer will provide the ultimate motivation and accountability. You will get answers to any questions that may come up along the way, and receive email notifications and workout reminders to help you stay on track!

Ready to start your fitness journey?

How to Get Your Free Trial


  1. To get your 1st month free, enter in discount code “FREE1”!
  2. Once you’ve entered your information, you will then get an email to download the fitness app.
  3. Please fill out your exercise questionnaire within the app, so we can start creating your plans! All plans will be uploaded in 3-5 business days.