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The Focus is on YOU!

Our mission is to take a personalized and sustainable approach in providing our clients a clear path to reach their fitness goals. We understand that everyone is different in so many ways! Whether these differences are in lifestyle, fitness level, goals, or even food preferences, everyone needs the right plan for them for it to ultimately be a success. We are here to help! Rojo Fitness takes all these necessary factors and more into consideration when individually designing your training and nutrition plans.

Robert Johnson
Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson

Owner of Rojo Fitness LLC

Owner of Rojo Fitness LLC, Robert Johnson, has been involved in personal training for 15 years. He received his B.S. in Exercise Science from North Carolina Wesleyan College in 2006, and has been a National Strength and Conditioning Association Certified Personal Trainer since 2007.

“As a personal trainer, my ultimate goal is to give my clients the guidance and assistance they need to reach their fitness goals. “Fad” diets and generic workouts that are created for the masses lack sustainability and are not tailored to a specific person. I take a personalized approach by creating custom training plans and nutrition plans based on an individual’s needs and fitness level. This empowers my clients with the ability and confidence they need to achieve continued results.”