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Our mission is to take a personalized and sustainable approach in providing our clients a clear path to reach their fitness goals. We understand that everyone is different in so many ways! Whether these differences are in lifestyle, fitness level, goals, or even food preferences, everyone needs the right plan for them for it to ultimately be a success. We are here to help! Rojo Fitness takes all these necessary factors and more into consideration when individually designing your workouts and nutrition guide!  

Robert Johnson, the owner of Rojo Fitness, talks about why Online Personal Training is the #1 trend in the fitness industry.

Our Online Services

Custom Workout Plans

Custom Workout Plans

We create new workout plans every 6 weeks for all of our clients to ensure continued progress.

Nutrition Guide

Personalized Nutrition Guide

You will know the total amount of calories, and the source of calories, needed to reach your goals.

In-App Messaging

Online Coaching

Communicate with your trainer through the app and get answers to any questions that may come up along the way. 

The Benefits of Online Personal Training

Save Money

Fractions of the cost of traditional personal training and save over $50 a month by sticking to a meal plan!


Avoid the hassles of setting and sticking to an appointment.  Workout when and where it’s convenient for you!


Periodically check your progress by tracking body weight, body fat %, and measurements


Learn how a proper workout is structured with correct sets, reps, and rest to achieve your goals!


Video demonstrations and detailed instructions will give you the confidence that you have the correct technique and form.


See results from performing new exercises and using different equipment throughout your workouts!

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